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1a Name

The name of the group shall be Ledbury Library Development Group (LLDG) hereinafter referred to as ‘the Group’.

1b Status

Community Interest Group (formed January 2014)


2 Aims and Objectives

To support the development of Ledbury Library by:

  1. Developing the library as a community hub and a centre for cultural activities in liaison with Library staff and in cooperation with other local societies and other library user groups.

  2. Raising money to supplement the purchase of resources for the Library.

  3. Working for the good of the community, building the spirit of community culture in Ledbury.

  4. Promoting and supporting community cultural and personal development activities for Ledbury and the surrounding area.

  5. Building links with local schools and adult educational initiatives.


3 Powers

  1. To open and manage a bank account on behalf of the Group.

  2. To invite and receive contributions and sponsorship, and raise money as appropriate to finance the work of the group and support purchases for the Library (see 2 ii above).

  3. Publicise and promote the work of the Group and organise meetings and events.


4 Membership

  1. Membership shall be open to anyone who has an interest in assisting the Group to achieve its aims and is willing to adhere to the constitution of the Group.

  2. Corporate Associate Membership shall be open to corporations with a local presence, by agreement with the Management Committee.

  3. An annual membership subscription shall be paid on the basis of £5 per individual, or £8 for two members at one address, or £12 Group membership for groups up to 15. (Subscriptions for larger groups will be by agreement of the Management Committee). Subscriptions will be due at/from the AGM.

  4. Members wishing to resign from the Group will notify the Secretary in writing or by e-mail.

  5. The Management Committee will have the power to refuse membership where this would be detrimental to the aims and objectives of the Group. Similarly if continued membership would be detrimental, then this may be terminated by a resolution passed by a meeting of the full Management Committee. In any such case, there will be a right of appeal to an independent adjudicator determined by mutual agreement of the Management Committee. The adjudicator’s decision will be the final level of appeal.


5 Management Committee

  1. Officers: There will be 3 principal officers: Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, as required, officers will include Events Coordinator, Publicity/ Press Officer, Fund Raising Coordinator.

  2. In addition to the 3 principal officers, the Committee will have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 other members, with the power to co-opt additional members for specific tasks.

  3. Tenure: Officers may hold these positions for a maximum of 5 years. After this time, the positions will be open to all members. If no member wishes to take over, the retiring officer may continue for a maximum of a further 3 years before the position is open again. If more than one person wishes to stand for any office, the AGM will decide whether to share the role or hold a vote.

  4. Quorum: At least 4 Committee Members including at least 1 officer, shall be present for any Committee Meeting.


6 Meetings

  1. Committee meetings shall be held quarterly and as necessary.

  2. Full meetings of the membership shall be held quarterly and as necessary.

  3. The AGM shall be held no more than three months after the end of the financial year, therefore between the beginning of April and the end of June.

  4. At least 14 days notice shall be given before the AGM takes place.

  5. All members shall be entitled to vote at the AGM. Voting will be by a show of hands, on a majority basis. In the case of a tied vote, the Chairman or appointed deputy shall make the final decision.


7 Finance

  1. The financial year shall run from 6th April to 5th April.

  2. A Bank Account shall be set up, approved by the Committee. Any cheques or documents relating to the Bank Account shall be signed by at least 2 of the principal officers, with all 3 principal officers being signatories.

  3. Official accounts shall be maintained and examined annually by an independent accountant who is not a member of the Group.

  4. An annual financial report shall be presented to the AGM.




8 Amendments to the Constitution

  1. Any member wishing to amend the constitution must put their proposal in writing to the Secretary.

  2. The Secretary will circulate the proposed amendment to the membership and give 6 week’s notice of a Special General Meeting.

  3. At this meeting, those members present shall vote on the amendment. If the vote is in favour, then the amendment will be made to the constitution with effect from the date of the meeting.


9 Dissolution

  1. If deemed necessary, the Group may be dissolved by the members in a majority vote at a Special General Meeting.

  2. Any assets or remaining funds, after any debts have been paid, shall be transferred to local charities or similar groups, at the discretion of the Management Committee.








This Constitution was adopted at a General Meeting in the Burgage Hall on Monday 17th February 2014.